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What We Are About

Our Amazing Young Women respect themselves and their bodies, make choices in their lives which take them towards their goals, create strong and meaningful relationships and more than anything, enjoy their journey!

Love who I am

It’s tough being a young woman today. Even before young girls become teenagers they find out how difficult it is to keep a sense of their own worth as healthy, strong, independent, intelligent, amazing young women. Even harder is to retain a sense of their personal beauty and value as they deal with media images of ‘perfect’ bodies and ‘perfect’ lifestyles.

We use our creative and engaging approach to support young women in developing positive body images, identifying empowering role models, building their self esteem and confidence so they create a stronger sense of their personal worth, and inner & outer confidence.

Know what I want

Today’s Young Women are not a problem, but their environments and communities may contain problems such as boredom, drugs, alcohol, violence, gangs, teenage pregnancy, parental neglect, exploitation, and lack of positive role-models.

We help young women to deal with these issues. We help them to raise their aspirations so they can make confident decisions about the lives they want to lead. We help them to create positive change in their lives, and to be an active and positive force in their communities. Developing amazing young women is one way to build stronger communities.

Believe I am worth it!

Many young women lack someone to encourage them to succeed: socially, academically, and professionally. Through Amazing Young Women we engage with their talents and dreams. We draw on their increasing belief in their personal power and worth. We show them positive role models, and we take them on a fun, challenging, and creative journey after which they know just what their potential is, where they want to be, and how to get there.


Empowering Young women - Building confidence - Unleashing the potential - Creating the life you want


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