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Build your self confidence, work as a team, understand more of who you are, what makes you unique, what you want for your life and how you are going to get it!

As part of our varied programme Amazing Young Women also offer creative and interactive residential programmes, combining a fun blend of workshop sessions, outdoor activities and much more......

These residentials offer a fantastic opportunity to challenge yourself, try new things, build trust and work with others while developing skills that will help you either in school, college or at work.

Our promise is that by the end of the course young people will know

1. Who they really are
2. Where they are now
3. Where they want to be
4. How they WILL get there

Content includes:

Understanding what motivates you
Managing your emotions and being in control
How our habits shape who we become
How your brain works for and against you
Increasing your own self esteem and confidence
Creating goals to shape your future
How to make and keep positive relationships
Outdoor challenges, activities and much more!

Every amazing young woman will get their own personal planner, these can be used during the residential to write down ideas, thoughts and goals. The planners also have a section that can be used after the residential to keep track of what actions you’ve taken, what you’ve achieved and what has changed.

Upcoming residential programmes:

'Dates to be released soon'


Empowering Young women - Building confidence - Unleashing the potential - Creating the life you want


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