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Irene has spent the last 9 years working within the Scouting Association, to ensure that young people have something in their lives that offers them fun, adventure, challenges, stretches their imagination, and grows their confidence. She’s had successful academic, clinical, and management careers. She is a trained counsellor and art therapist. She has been a successful educator, facilitator, and coach, and is now involved in two innovative social enterprise companies.

“ I’ve been obsessed for the last 10 years with the challenges that all women face in trying to be who they want to be, and living lives that they love, when there are so many influences that seem to stifle their dreams, and limit their horizons.

I’m passionate about challenging ideas and stereotypes about resisting all the ‘shoulds’ you hear: how you ‘should’ dress, behave, look, or what you should aspire to (the list goes on!). So I’m bringing a real belief in the potential, power, and energy of young women; and a willingness and desire to help and encourage you to find out who you want to be, and how you want to live your life.

Sometimes the journey to ‘finding you’ goes easier if you have friends with you on the way. I hope that Cheryl and I will be helpful friends with you on your journey to who you want to be. I want Amazing Young Women to be a safe and creative space where you can explore, create, unleash, have fun, challenge, and question.”


Empowering Young women - Building confidence - Unleashing the potential - Creating the life you want


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