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Who We Are

Cheryl Speak – Founder of You’re Amazing c.i.c. / Amazing Young Women

Born out of passion or rather obsession, Amazing Young Women has been over 2 years in development, bringing together 17 years of working with young women through Girl Guiding and various charity projects and a varied career within the media industry.

A keen Social Entrepreneur, Cheryl has established several businesses. She currently runs a Training and Development consultancy alongside You’re Amazing c.i.c.
Cheryl possesses excellent interpersonal and communication skills. She is engaging and a natural people person; her delivery style is inspirational, creative and interactive. A genuine interest and dedicated passion to helping those she works with realise and release their full potential.

‘ My motives for creating Amazing Young Women and You’re Amazing came out of frustration. Over the last few years I have become increasingly aware of the challenges faced by young women today and seen the effects first hand. There is a tremendous pressure placed on young girls to look, behave and even speak in a certain way. Due to the mass availability of media, increases in peer pressure and the demands of a modern culture, young women are making choices that effect their lives at an early age and it is essential that they are both aware of the impact these decisions have and are emotionally skilled to be able to handle them. I knew that with my knowledge, experience and desire I can do something to help empower our amazing young women.’

‘Every one of us has boundless potential and we can achieve incredible things, knowing what we really want out of life is definitely part of it. There can be a big difference between what we are TOLD will make us happy and what will ACTUALLY make us happy. Getting clear about who you are, what motivates and drives you and what you want out of your life can be extremely rewarding and very powerful. Amazing Young Women is about giving the individuals we work with the support to do this.’



Empowering Young women - Building confidence - Unleashing the potential - Creating the life you want


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